Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Little Time

Hmmm. It's been over a month. How rotten of me.

Big events that need covering:

My Birthday! It was very low-key. I skype-celebrated with my dad over breakfast, then ran off to French at 8:30am. At 9:30 I had another class, but I have a friend in that one so it was nice because it was my first out-loud happy birthday. We cooked at the midnight kitchen, and they made extra-special effort with the cake and I got extra portions :) I don't actually remember what I did in the afternoon.
In the evening, I went across the road and everyone I actually like came over, so it was quiet and small and perfect. Emilio had made carrot cake, and it was so so good. There were balloons and presents and it was great.

The next weekend was Thanksgiving! Blair and I skipped our (non-obligatory) philosophy conference, and took the train (business class!) to Toronto. I had a gin and tonic and roasted tilapia, and it was all free. We ate brownies. It was grey and rainy outside but the trees were so beautiful. I arrived early evening and went for dinner with my godparents, then back to my grandparents' house. On Saturday morning I met Emilio for breakfast (I had pie) because he was visiting his family too. So I wandered around an area I'd never seen before which was really nice. We went back to my grandparents' house for lunch, and the conversation turned inevitably to immigrants but it wasn't a disaster, and then we dropped him off at the subway on our way to MUSKOKA! We arrived at Sarah and Mark's cottage before dark, in time for yummy Mexican food, and being around little kids again was really weird. I haven't associated with anyone younger than 17 in two months... Lots of playing, lots of watching Hannah Montana, lots of adoration :P

The next day, it SNOWED really and truly, and it was beautiful. I ran down to the lake and watched it blowing across the water and it was epic. Then I came back and sat in front of the fire and drank hot chocolate and really it was pretty perfect. Thyra and John came over in the afternoon and we had Thanksgiving Dinner which was the best thing I've eaten in a very long time, it was indescribable.

Sunday evening we drove to Thyra and John's island. Or rather, we drove to the dock and took the boat. The stars were so clear. We had samosa snacks and played Yahtzee and the quietness was great. Three little girls under 5 is a bit full-on! The next day was similarly quiet, reading and eating cinnamon rolls and drawing. We took a walk all over the (very small) island, and I went on the swing. We drove back to Toronto that evening.

The next day I made cookies, went to the grocery store with my grandmother, packed... I had moved my train to 3pm so I wouldn't get back at stupid o'clock. Seeing family was just what I needed, it was an amazing weekend. But I fell back into routine very quickly!

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