Saturday, 13 February 2010


I have been officially hired as a sushi chef at Restaurant Vargas. It's awesome. I had my second shift today, which was very very crazy because of Valentine's Day, and we ran out of heart-shaped sushi pizza bases. Sushi pizza is actually very good. There were three of us today to cope with the rush - Edward, who I worked with on my first shift on Thursday, and Sammy who I hadn't met before. He makes me feel more legitimate working there, since he's also 19 and had a solo shift on Saturdays before I was hired. On Thursday I felt a bit out of place, with a middle-aged Chinese guy and a load of older Bajan grill cooks. It was a friendlier atmosphere on Thursday - at least, more jocular - because it was much more relaxed, but I loved the fast pace. And the end of the shift is the best, when you get to eat stuff :) I made so much shrimp tempura (it's my thing now, because it's hard to get wrong), and so many sushi pizzas (also my thing: a tempura rice base topped with a mix of salmon, fish roe, shallots, fake crab meat, mayo and tempura crumbs) and learned more about rolling maki - I still haven't got the hang of spreading the rice on the seaweed, apparently. I work two shifts a week, Thursdays and Saturdays, which is 12 hours. But it's so flexible, and the pay is $13/hr, which is incredible. Sammy says he's been there for almost a year, and told me never to switch to another job because it's hard to find anything better, and he's never had a complaint. So all in all, I'm so happy. All set for the summer!

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