Sunday, 21 February 2010

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

I got some weird weird spam/bug thing through facebook and now my internet doesn't work at home, because I can't open my browser (google chrome). So I'm in the library, which is about the stupidest thing in the world because it's Sunday of Reading Week and I really should be doing better things. It's such a beautiful mild day today, bbc says it's 1 degree but I bet it's warmer. This morning I've been packing because Tuesday morning I'm going to New York!! The weather will be 'orrible, apparently, but not cold, and I have a pretty umbrella, and the museums will be great shelter.

Work continues to be pretty amazing, yesterday was busy but not crazy, and I learned lots more. The other sushi chef Sam (Sam on Saturdays, Edward on Thursdays) invented some sushi for me when he found out I love scallops; it was grilled scallops, lettuce, mango and strawberry. Good grief. It was incredible. I'm having a sushi dinner in two weeks to practice/show off to everyone, and I can't wait to invent things. The menu at work is apparently not very good, and some of the combinations are just bizarre - 'La Bella Quebecoise' is cream cheese, smoked salmon, and shallots, and the one named after the restaurant has goat's cheese and sundried tomatoes. ...yes.

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