Monday, 1 February 2010

Manic Monday

I had a test this morning in Traditional Whaling Societies, and I think it went pretty well. But it's worth 25% of my final grade, which is a looot, so I'm a little worried all the same because every mark is worth so much. But I got 95% in my Religions of East Asia class! Which is the highest grade I've got here so far. I'm sort of annoyed now it's only worth 10% of my grade for that class :P And that's school...

I've just come back from doing a test on resistance training and pain stuff. I had to lift several weights in different ways, lots of lowering things slowly while counting to ten. It was really hard! Everything was in repetitions of five, and the first and second weren't so bad but the fourth and fifth were really uncomfortable, every time. I think I'll be stiff for a few days... I have to go back tomorrow, and they'll put electrodes on me and film it. But I said I didn't want them using the film for teaching purposes. I was too red in the face to allow that. But I get $40, so that's neat. Now I'm at home, eating Swedish Berries candy I won for coming 2nd place in our house trivia contest yesterday evening. We made peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches and watched Aladdin. I've discovered how to work the keyboard in the basement, and I found some sheet music I love, so I'm going to start playing the piano again and I'm really excited about that!

Don't expect blog posts every day :P but I'll try, if interesting things keep happening!

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