Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sleep All Day

I'm so tired! Crazy week. I've been preparing like mad for the in-class essay, East Asian Religion test, and World Religions midterm, all tomorrow. Yesterday I went to the Daily and spent a few hours there editing articles - I'm going to apply to be Culture Editor so I have to get experience!

Tonight is going to be really exciting: I start working! I saw an ad for a sushi chef, and didn't think much would come of replying, but I did. I went along on Tuesday and the chef showed me what's what, and I have a shift tonight and Saturday and by then he said he'd know whether to keep me or not. So I need to be really good and work really hard. It's such a great job - to start on $12/hr, without references and without real experience. And it's a fancy restaurant, in the banking district, but close to where I live also. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it through the summer, which makes everything a lot simpler because now I can arrange sub-letting and getting another apartment and lots of craziness. I'm so excited to stay in the city for the summer, a lot of my friends are, and it's going to be so much fun. But I'll go back to England for a couple of weeks too - a real holiday this time!

So tomorrow will be crrraaaazzzzzy, but when it's over it'll be such a relief. I have another midterm on Tuesday in Legal Anth and I'm really not prepared, I've got a lot of reading to do. After that, a few days of nothing nothing nothing (...except classes...) and then a friend's birthday on Friday, which I'm looking forward to because no one's had a birthday in months. I have an article to write for the Daily as well as one coming out in Monday's issue, so keep an eye on the website:

The one on Monday is about recycling industrial buildings for commercial use, in a special issue on energy. The one due next Tuesday is about the nuns of Montreal, which is unusual and really interesting.

AND THEN after all of that, I'm going to NEW YORK!! I'm so excited. We have a week's holiday for Reading Week, which is supposed to help us prepare for our midterms, but I don't have any after the holiday. A friend of ours, Aaron, has an apartment in Brooklyn that will be completely empty, so we're all going to stay on his floor (me, Sheehan, Gavin, Emilio, Aaron and his 12 roommates, and probably more...). I'm hoping I'll have enough money to go to all the museums and do a little shopping (like in The Strand, with 18 miles of books...) We're leaving the 22nd and coming back the 27th, on the train, which takes a reeeeeeeally long time (11 hours is optimistic, Emilio says) but I'll be in good company :) I can't say how excited I am. It's Gavin's first time visiting as well. I have so many plans, I've started thinking about packing already... wow. This is one of those amazing experiences that only happens at university - we only started thinking about going a week or so ago, and I love spontaneity! We booked the tickets yesterday.

I thought this post would only be a few lines because I have nothing much to say, but it sort of ballooned. I'm going to buckle down and do some serious reading now. After I eat breakfast.

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