Monday, 25 April 2011

Ice dream

I went ice cream shopping with my dad.  We went to one shop where they had a lot of fancy kitchenware that wasn't at all to do with ice cream, and there was one freezer with three flavours.  One was called Frozen Chilli Romance, I forget the other two.  So we went to Baskin and Robbins instead.  The shop was beige and completely empty.  Right in front of us there was a man sitting behind a panel of glass, and to the right of us there was a couch area and a huge tv screen.  The idea was to scroll through the ads for ice cream, and tell the number to the man behind the panel who would go get you a scoop from the warehouse.  (When I explained the system to Dad I called it a cupboard, and the man corrected me.)  I sat down to watch the ads.  They were all like perfume ads, or haute couture ads, in that they had nothing to do with ice cream.  All the actors were young beautiful people with very creative makeup, they all seemed to be directed by Tom Ford or Sophia Coppola (circa Marie Antoinette) or Alexander McQueen.  I chose one pineapple-flavoured one after a commercial with lots of tall girls sitting on swings cuddling baby chimps, and I was about to choose a flavour from an ad with younger girls exercising to Valerie by The Zutons.

Then I woke up.

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