Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dancing In The Moonlight

The power's out until 10pm (it's now 7:50pm) so I should be quick because the remaining power on the laptop has to be shared. Today has been just a regular day in cottage-land, I drove the boat back from the marina went we got ice cream, which is always fun. It's easily as powerful as a small car (and fast - we usually go between 30-40mph), I've no idea why you don't need a license for it but I don't mind :) It's been so hot all day though, I'm really lethargic. Tomorrow we might go to Port Carling, where the son of a friend of my dad's older sister works at the meat counter at the IGA, and is going to McGill this year, and if my dad doesn't get a reply from this friend-of-a-sister, he's going to go to the meat counter and ask for her son and take it from there. I would find that weird. Wouldn't that be weird? If you were working at a meat counter and a guy you've never met comes up and says 'I don't know you, I don't really know your mum but my sister did, forty years ago'...

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