Monday, 10 August 2009

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of

Having said I won't be able to post very often from now until I arrive in Montreal, I now find myself posting more. Not in a conscious attempt to compensate in advance, but because my dad insists on working more than I thought he would and there's nothing else to do. We left the house at 8am to get here (the 'here' still being my grandfather's office)- not exactly sure why it needed to be that early, but I was up anyway because of jetlag - and it is now 11:55am. I have read the entirety of 'The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily' by Dino Buzzati (highly recommended, but set aside a couple of hours in Borders to read it because it was 15 pounds. There's no sign on this keyboard for that.)

Here's an excerpt:

Now begins a hurly bur-
Ly, shrieks and yells and << Sauve qui peut! >>
One runs away, one leaps the ramparts
And falls into the ditch's damp parts.
All shout orders contradictory,
Pride has a fall and bears have victory.

It's not actually all a poem.

With glistening eyes, high dignitaries and important personages bare their heads in silence. Look, even Professor Ambrose's beard is quivering. Is there no hope for the young bear?

I also went netbook-hunting, and I think I'm going to get the ASUS eeePC 1008HA. But I need to find an electronics shop where I can try them out, as opposed to the small office in a giant building with a nice man who found stuff on the internet for me, but didn't actually seem to have any computers for sale. Maybe I'll phone him later and see if he can order it in, so I can support small businesses.


  1. Hello!
    That book sounds a little trippy, but anything with a character called Professor Ambrose must be quality.
    The 1008HA is very shiny and gorgeous, but at the moment I'm leaning toward getting the slightly less pretty 1000HE or 1005HA because they have a longer battery life. And having resolved to get Linux, everywhere is like "genuiune XP pre-installed" and I >:(

  2. It is, yeah. It's really funny, in an unintentional but cute way.
    Apparently, the 1008ha has 9.5 hours battery life, but that may be just doing nothing. And it's really terrible for watching dvds, but that's not what I'd be using it for. I have very kind godparents who offered, so price wasn't an issue :) but they didn't have a Linux one at all. The guy at the shop was like 'I never recommend Linux to anyone ever, unless they're serious techys' and I was like 'but... I liked it!' but not out loud.

  3. Borders has gone into administration :(