Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dancing Queen

My mum emailed me my exam results and I've been smiling like a crazy person all morning. I know it's not the done thing to say what you got (why not? I don't know). I got what I was expecting.

Yesterday, I went to Canada's Wonderland with Porco Negro and the two older Toronto cousins. It was so much fun! But really busy, since it was about 30 degrees all day. We went on four rides in five hours. The best of them was the Behemoth, this new rollercoaster that's just insane. The first drop is the highest in the park, I don't know how high exactly, but high enough that just when you think you can't take any more dropping, it doesn't stop.

I saved that post as a draft 3 days ago because I ran out of time. Now I'm in residence!! I picked up my key earlier than I thought I could, and moved in some stuff on Saturday. Then this morning I went to IKEA with my parents and Porco Negro (my mum arrived yesterday evening; we picked her up from the airport and got a sandwich at Subway and the server refused to speak to me in French, he kept replying in English every time I tried to speak French to him) and got lots of goodies and my room is like a real home now!! Here are some pictures.

It's 1:30am now. I've introduced the house to the joys of Pimm's and Angel's Delight (a hit with girls more than boys). It's so hot. I'm going to bed.


  1. YAY for good exam results! I was also smiling, and indeed bursting out laughing at random moments, and now I am so chilled out and serene and happy its unreal. :D :D :D

    But now you are officially in, AND moved in, and your room looks cute! Having begun with Pimms and Angel Delight, it'll surely only be a couple of weeks before the whole house is singing along to Take That...

  2. Sorry to double comment, but I just took a closer look at your photos and... am I just hallucinating or is that AN OHS MISSION STATEMENT ON YOUR DESK?!

    Also, my grandma has your lamp. Trufax.

  3. Mayumi's a genius kleptomanic. Trufax.