Sunday, 16 August 2009

My Favourite Things

Yes, I've changed the titles of my posts. Maybe you can see a pattern.

Two days ago we went to visit the family of the boy who works at the meat counter in the local supermarket and is going to McGill - in the end it wasn't as weird as all that because we went to their house and they were expecting us. Their cottage was beautiful, over 100 years old (rare for around here, I think, most of the old places are all wooden and they burn down) and really cosy. There were four girls there all younger than Porco Negro and me who took us 'clustering', a crazy version of tubing that they made up because their tube broke. They had tied a small plastic lifesaver, a buoy, a pool noodle and a half-deflated giant rubber whale to lengths of rope and you held on to one of these things and got pulled along by a motorboat until you fell off. It was insane. Then we watched Heroes; it was the first time I'd watched any from the beginning and I'm a little bit hooked.

Yesterday was spa day... it was so good. I had a massage, and there was a whirlpool and a sauna and steam room and free dried apricots. I went with my aunt, and afterwards we drove to Indian Head Marina to meet my uncle in the boat to visit friends. At least, we tried to find it but ended up in Bracebridge, twice, after driving past the sign, twice (the words were so tiny we didn't realise the marina was where it was). It took us about 2 hours. Hmm. It was a different lake, and it was so choppy like boat wake was hitting the dock constantly. And yesterday night, PN, my dad and I went for dinner at a really nice place for his birthday (which was actually ages ago) and I had scallops!! Which are my favourite thing right now. But they weren't the best I've ever tasted.

Tomorrow I'm off to my other aunt's island nearer Bracebridge for a couple of days, which will be really nice, to be honest, because it'll be so calm...


  1. oh dear, do we have another scallop addict on our hands? :)

  2. Scallops are yummy :D Heroes series one is good... the second is ok but kinda boring...don't watch the third one. Just don't.