Monday, 10 August 2009

Voulez Vous (The Visitors)

It's 9:07am and I'm in my grandfather's office in Toronto. We're going to my aunt and uncle's cottage this evening and I don't know when I'll next be able to get to a computer, so here's an update :)

My flight was fine, but there were no seatback tvs. I was excited when they said 17 Again would be playing, but they were wrong and it was He's Just Not That Into You, and I couldn't be bothered. I ate beef provencale and listened to Mozart's Requiem.

The weather here has been crazy. Yesterday there was an insane storm in the morning, one of those ones where it's like twilight outside at 11am, then there's a huge clap of thunder and the heavens open and the gutters are like rivers within five minutes. It lasted all morning, then turned really hot and sunny so it was like a sauna outside. Like breathing in soup (when I told Brother (he needs a blog codename, but I don't have a more interesting one yet. The Sister is Biscuit Johnson, on account of her smelling of biscuits and baby shampoo, but I haven't had a need to mention her yet) that, he said 'you look like soup'. And then, 'actually, there's nothing in the world you look less like than soup'. We tried to think of something, but even Chris Tarrant and fish are vaguely sentien beings). We went to the Art Gallery of Ontario which is great now they've completely renovated it. The whole basement is full of model boats. Then we went to see real art, and I have a new one-of-my-favourites painter, called Raoul Dufy (to whom thanks is due for the picture at the top of this post). His paintings make you feel like Audrey Tatou, or boursin, or Foux De Fa Fa, ie, really really French. Wikipedia tells me he's a Fauvist painter, but I've never heard of that movement. There was also endless, endless amounts of Cornelius Krieghoff, a famous Canadian painter who as far as I could see was able to paint three things.
1. Red carts with people in.
2. Yellow carts with people in.
3. Trees.
And mix those three things together in infinitesimal ways, adding snow for occasional variety. They all looked exactly the same.

The thunder in the evening was incredible. It made the windows shake, and the lighting was like a really bad son-et-lumiere show I went to in Malaysia. Lots of houses (not ours) are without power this morning. The guy on the radio was talking to the guy who coordinates repairing cables and stuff, and he said 'what can you say to the people who are waiting for their electricity to be restored? how long will it take?' and I thought (as I always do in these situations), what's the point of that? The people waiting for their electricity to be restored cannot possibly hear this.

I'm really looking forward to the cottage. My oldest little cousin is 5 now, so we can properly have conversations. She has the most adorable accent. I'll write again as soon as possible, and post pictures :)

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