Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Midnight Show

I dreamed that mosquitos were biting me, and I woke up and my legs were on fire. I plunged them under the cold tap and realised I couldn't sleep. It's 2:54am and I haven't been up this early in a long time. I've had a glass of water and two tomatoes and a peach and a cookie, and it's nice being up all alone.

The reason my mosquito bites are particularly bad is that I have at least 15 on one leg alone, and it's a similar case all over, because I went mountain biking yesterday in a very hot, very humid forest. I did not like it. I loved cycling on the flat where you could look up at the trees without getting clotheslined by a branch, or tripping over a tree root, but when it got all bumpy it was really not my thing. I fell over, which was embarrassing enough, but even more so given the fact that I was walking at the time. But I have a very impressive graze on my right arm.

Afterwards, we went to a Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant and it was really good. I had a trout tempura sandwich and churros. My grandmother had a cardiac catheterisation yesterday to inflate a balloon in her heart (which I think is called and angioplasty), but she was out the same evening.

I would go outside and see if there are any stars if I weren't afraid of a raccoon jumping out and mauling me. Not really. I think I'll just watch tv. Maybe a season of America's Next Top Model will be showing back-to-back.

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